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Places to visit in Mahabaleshwar

Mount Malcolm
Mount Malcolm Built in the year 1829, Mount Malcolm is famous for its magnificient architecture. It occupied an important place in the British period.
Catholic Church
The old Roman Catholic Holy cross church in Mahabaleshwar has attracted numerous tourists since a long time beacuse of its fabulous architecture and stained-glass windows.   Catholic Church
Mahabaleshwar Club
Mahabaleshwar Club Built in the year 1881, this club is well preserved and popular for beautiful roses and excellent jogging track. Only members of the club are allowed to stay here. 
Robbers' Cave
It is popularly believed that it was the palace of demons in the ancient period. Later, it became popular when Tanaji, the Army-Chief of Shivaji took shelter here. Entry here is prohibited. Robbers' Cave Mahabaleshwar
Lodwick Point
Lodwick Point Formerly known as Sydney Point, it was renamed as Lodwick Point when a memorial pole was erected on this point in memory of the first British General Ludwick whowas the first one to visit Mahabaleshwar in 1842. A popular hang out spot,it offers breathtaking view of the valley below. Equally famous is the divine view of the Lodwick Fall.
Elphinstone Point
Named after the Governor of Bombay, Sir Elephinston, it was discovered in 1830 by Dr.Murray. One gets to see a clear view of Pratapgarh ,the beautiful two valleys, the Koyna on the left and the Savitri on the right .Elphinstone Point Mahabaleshwar
Lingmala, Chinaman & Dhobi Waterfalls
Lingmala, Chinaman & Dhobi Waterfalls Situated at the top of the Veena Valley, Lingmala waterfall offers picturesque view. The sight of the mighty water fall which is about five six hundred feet falling from the cliff makes it spectacular. Located 2.5km from Mahabaleshwar, Chinaman waterfall is worth visiting.Equally famous is the Dhobi waterfall for its exotic beauty and natural setting.
Arther's seat
Another popular spot that has derived its name from the the famous British actor Arthur Malet, Arthur’s Seat is blessed with spectacular scenic beauty. The wind under the hill here is so powerful that it returns everything that is flung Arther's seat Mahabaleshwar
Tiger's spring
Tiger's spring A natural spring, it is famous for its spectacular view of the surrounding valley.
Kate's Point
Perched at 1473mts, it is also known as the 'echo point'. Offering spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, the beautiful Krishna river and the Dhoom dam, Kate's Point is worth visiting. Kate's Point - Places to see in Mahabaleshwar
Wilson Point (Sunrise Point)
Wilson Point (Sunrise Point), Mahabaleshwar Sightseeing Famously known as the Sunrise Point, it is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar situated at 4710 ft above sea level. It is a vast plateau having three paltforms that provide breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset. Platform no. 2 offers clear picture of the sunrise.
Bombay Point
A popular spot for offering breathtaking view of the sunset.One can also get a view of the Sahyadri range, Makrandgarh & Pratapgarh at north. Lovers point is situated left to Bombay Point. Bombay Point Mahabaleshwar
Baghdad Point
Baghdad Point Mahabaleshwar Famous for its picturesque view of the back waters of Koyna dam on the left, river Solshi, Koyna dam on the left and vast picturesque green slopes of M'war pleateau located on the right.
Venna Lake
Built by the King of Satara, Venna Lake is located on Mahabaleshwar-Panchagani Road. Spread over 5 acres and studded with numerous amusement facilities like boating, fishing, horse riding along with colorful wayside stalls make it an ideal hang out place in. Stretch over 2.4km, this lake is equally famous for its tempting strawberries . Venna Lake Mahabaleshwar
Pratapgad Fort
Pratapgad Fort Mahabaleshwar Built in 1656 AD by Moropant Trimbak Pingale at the order of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in order to combat the power of the rebellious rulers of Javali basin located nearby. Also famous for being the host of the historic battle fought between Shivaji and Afzal Khan.

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